BC Orienteering Championships are in Revelstoke in 2018! Sage Orienteering Club is hosting the event, and getting a boost from some KOC, GVOC, and FWOC officials.

We’ll have three races, a model event, and a banquet in some of the best untapped terrain in the province. How often do you get the chance to try out some new terrain on brand new maps in a new city?  Open classes will be available on all courses for each race for recreational orienteers.

Registration is not yet opened, but we are hoping to get that up and running by the end of the month.

Canada Cup status for all three events has been applied for, this page will be updated when we hear back from the Orienteering Canada technical committee.


  • Friday Afternoon/Evening – Forest Model – Mount MacPherson, Tantrum Parking Lot.  Brand new map.
  • Saturday Morning: Urban Sprint – Downtown Revelstoke.  Brand new map.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Middle Distance – Mount MacPherson, Flow Down Trailhead. Brand new map, made to ISOM2017 standards.
  • Sunday: Long Distance – Mount MacPherson, Griffith Creek Trailhead. Brand new map, made to ISOM2017 standards. Don’t worry, this map is huge (8 square kilometers kind of huge) – so you won’t be on the same chunk of it as on Saturday.